Covid-19 Update - We are open for business and continuing to repair, service and instal boilers for our customers. When an engineer does visit a customer’s home, they’ll take additional precautions – including hand-washing – before, during and after the appointment. Our engineers will arrive in PPE so that they're protected too.

Our staff have been categorised as key workers, so they can still visit your property during this time.

Flue York: When The Empire State Needed The World’s Largest Portable Boiler


How We’re Supporting Our Customers and Employees. Covid-19 is affecting everyone – but we can get through it if we all support each other. Looking after our customers and employees is our top priority. We’ll be working hard to prioritise emergencies and put the needs of our most vulnerable customers first – no matter what. […]

Underfloor Heating: What You Need To Know

Underfloor heating was once thought of as a luxury only the decadently wealthy could afford to have installed. But, as with many things once considered expensive and unobtainable, technology and market forces have caught up, turning underfloor heating into a viable option for those refurbishing or building a home. In simplest terms, underfloor heating is […]

So, How Do Boilers ACTUALLY Work?

Boilers are a technological wonder we all too often take for granted. They sit there quietly, providing us with warmth and piping hot water on demand. In fact, the only time we ever really pay any attention to them is when they don’t work – and that’s when Great British Heating engineers can step in […]

Warmth In Numbers: What Is Communal Heating?

Ever heard of communal and district heating? It’s when heat is delivered from a central source through insulated pipes to local homes and other buildings. The Scottish government is introducing regulation and a licensing system aimed at accelerating the uptake of communal heating networks. It is seen as energy efficient, particularly as these networks often […]

Has Your Boiler Enjoyed an Insulation Revelation?

Families will have been cranking up the heat over the past few weeks as freezing winds, rain and teeth-chattering temperature plunges scoured the UK – leading to soaring energy bills. But far too few householders are aware of the incredible cost-savings of insulating hot water tanks and pipes, even though it’s simple and cost-effective. Here, […]