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The Importance Of Efficiency: What The Energy Rating On Your Boiler Means

The Importance Of Efficiency: What The Energy Rating On Your Boiler Means

Most of us do not spend a lot of time staring at our boilers, so you are not likely to have noticed the energy rating they display.

These brightly coloured little bars represent how energy efficient the boiler is. Heating accounts for roughly 55% of what you spend each year on energy bills, so the more efficient your boiler, the more money you save

Modern boilers burn fuel incredibly efficiently, but still lose some heat in the hot gases that escape
up the flue – a pipe that extracts fumes and supplies air to the boiler.

Modern boilers are all condensing boilers, which recover more heat and send cooler gases up the
flue, reducing waste.

Old boilers will never be quite as efficient as a new model, so upgrading usually ends up saving most homeowners cash.

Types Of Efficiency Ratings

UK boilers are mainly rated according to three different systems – ErP, SEDBUK 2009, and SEDBUK 2005.

  • ErP – Every new boiler carries an ErP energy label, which ranks its efficiency from A-G.
  • SEDBUK 2009 – SEDBUK stands for ‘Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK’, and the 2009 system gives each boiler a % score.
  • SEDBUK 2005 – Same as above, but it rates boilers from A-G. A-rated boilers score more
    than 90% for efficiency, while G-rated boilers are those below 70%.

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