Top tips to buying a new boiler

Buying a boiler is a big financial investment and should last for 5 to 10 years, so you want to make sure that you make the right choice for you and your home. The silver lining is that whilst a new boiler is expensive, replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a newer model will help cut your energy bills.

We’ve pulled together our top tips to think about when buying a boiler. First, we’ll look at the type of boiler that is right for you and then we will look at your spending options.

Choosing a boiler

What fuel type?

If you have mains gas connected to your home, a gas boiler will likely be the cheapest option for you. If you don’t have gas, you may want to either consider getting this connected or to look at alternatively like biofuel boilers.


What type of boiler?

There are three types of boiler. Combination or combi boilers which are the most popular in the UK, a systems boiler or a regular boiler. There are pros and cons to each boiler type and which is right for you will depend on the type and size of your home. You can read more about these here.


Where will you put the boiler?

As with most items, boilers have become lighter and more compact over time which makes finding a location for them easier. You want to think about where you will put your boiler as that might depend on the shape you go for. Does it need to be long and thin for instance or more of a square shape? Many boilers can now be mounted on walls too increasing the range of places you can put them.


How big is your household?

How many rooms and how many people are in your household? You will need to take this into account as this will affect the capacity you need from your boiler. Think about how many rooms need heating or how many people need hot water for showers and baths.


Think about reliability

You want to choose a boiler that will last and have minimum problems so make sure that you choose a reliable brand who have a good reputation for creating boilers that will go the distance. Which did a review of the best boiler brands.


Look at boiler efficiency

Choosing a more efficient boiler will help to reduce the amount that you spend on heating your home so can help reduce bills and will be more environmentally friendly. An easy way to look at the efficiency is to look at the ErP rating which all boilers in the UK are required to have. Ratings are from G to A+++, which is the highest level of energy efficiency.


Read reviews

Once you have found a boiler you like, make sure you have a quick google and check out other people’s reviews before you go ahead.


Speak to an expert

At Great British Heating, we can help to advise you on the right boiler for you and then install it for you. Give us a ring today on 0800 048 5915 to find out more.


Financing your boiler

There is no escaping it, a boiler is a big but necessary financial commitment, however, as with any industry, prices do range. The price will depend on the brand, size and type of boiler, but make sure you get a good deal by considering the following:


Find out if you qualify for grants

Some households in the UK are eligible for boiler grants. You can visit to see if you qualify.


Look at boiler scrappage deals

You might be able to get some money off your new boiler by giving your older boiler away as scrap.


Look for deals

Keep an eye out for special offers, for instance, whilst it might seem counter-intuitive to buy a new boiler in the spring if you know you are going to need one for next winter you could get a deal buying last years stock. Likewise, keep an eye out on dates such as Black Friday.


Get more than one quote

Make sure that you get more than one quote and look at what is included in each quote, not just the price. For instance, does it contain warranties, guarantees or insurance?


Consider paying on finance

Buying a boiler on finance allows you to spread the cost of that boiler purchase over a number of months, rather than paying for it upfront. Many companies don’t ask for a deposit either making this more affordable. To buy on finance, most companies will look at your credit history to ensure that you are reliable to pay back the money. If you are interested on buying a boiler on finance, contact Great British Heating to see how we can help.


Don’t forget your installation

Make sure that you factor in installation costs and choose a well-known reliable company to install your boiler for you. Great British Heating offers a free survey and quote, and if you then choose to go ahead they will make sure you are registered for 10 years manufactures parts and warranty guarantee.


Stick to your budget

Work out what you can realistically afford to pay for a new boiler and then only look at boilers within that price range to ensure that you stay on budget.


Now you’ve got your boiler sorted, check out why you might also want to think about getting a smart meter for your home.