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What boiler is best for a three-bed house?

What boiler is best for a three-bed house?

Whether you’re looking to replace, upgrade or have just completed a self-build project, this guide
will tell you what you need to know if you are looking for a boiler for your three-bed home.
Heating and hot water needs vary from property to property and there is no one-size-fits-all choice –
what would suit a small flat will not be suitable in a family home.
Buying and installing a boiler is a major investment and undertaking and you don’t want the expense
and headache of replacement if it is not fit for purpose.
An inadequate boiler can have serious consequences. A cold home is bad for your health and
increases the risks of cardiovascular, respiratory and other diseases. Research also shows it can even
affect mental health.
And few pleasures are as nice as relaxing in a wonderfully warm home as ice and rain coat the world


What’s your budget?

Work out what you can realistically afford to pay for a new boiler and try to find a balance between
affordability and performance. You can then seek out boilers in a price range you are comfortable
with. Read up on online reviews to get an idea of both what you need and what it will cost.


Combi vs System

Combi boilers allow you to heat your home and water quickly as and when you need them. Combis are comprised of an individual unit and the absence of water tanks frees up a lot of space – ideal in flats and small homes. However, a three-bedroom house will naturally have a higher demand for hot water and a system boiler is usually the optimum choice. A system boiler features a separate cylinder for storing hot water. The boiler generates the hot water, usually via gas jets, which is then stored in the cylinder until it is needed. The large reservoir means there is enough heated water to meet demand if multiple taps or showers are being used. System boilers are also more energy efficient as they are sealed systems, so heat loss is minimal. They also recycle energy from the exhaust gases to preheat cold water. This is important if you are keen to reduce your home’s environmental impact and keep bills low. However, a system boiler has a higher pressure that may not be suitable if your home has low water
pressure or older radiator systems.


Fuel me once

A major consideration is how the boiler will be powered. Usually a gas boiler is the cheapest option.
If your property doesn’t have a gas connection and you cannot connect it consider the numerous
alternatives, such as stand-alone gas, LPG or an oil system.
You may want to consider renewable energy systems such as biomass boilers and stoves, heat
pumps, and solar hot water. There are also some financial incentives to be energy efficient and have renewable energy technology.


Online chat

There is an active and helpful online community of householders who are happy to give you advice
and recommendations. The self-build community are particularly willing to help with guidance if you
outline your needs. Just be sure to verify any instructions with further research and seek
confirmation from a professional if possible.


Speak to an expert

Never be shy about asking a professional for advice, especially as there are technological innovations
in home heating arriving all the time. Experts at Great British Heating are more than happy to advise
you about the optimal boiler and installation. Call us today on 0800 1310 275 to find out more.