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Where Should You Put Your Boiler?

Where Should You Put Your Boiler?

There are numerous reasons homeowners may want to relocate their boiler when they have it replaced.

Householders may want to reduce noise, put the boiler in a more discreet location, improve access for maintenance, or they may be altering the layout of the home as part of a renovation project.

Here are some of the pros and cons of different household locations:

1. Utility Room

An obvious choice – if your property has a utility room. While it may be a good way of ensuring the boiler is tucked away out of sight, you must bear in mind you have to keep the area around your boiler clear so components are not obstructed – an important consideration bearing in mind the small size of many utility rooms.

2. Kitchen

Kitchens can be quite cramped with appliances like ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers, so space may be at a premium. But most modern boilers, particularly combi boilers, are small and can comfortably be stashed away in a cabinet.

3. Attic

Like utility rooms, installing a boiler in the attic or loft is a good way of keeping it out of the way. But be sure to consider that these rooms can be very cold, so you will need insulation to ensure
maximum energy efficiency. Speak to a qualified professional to ensure the installation site is secure and remember to provide adequate access – and remember to be mindful of any members of the household that may have mobility issues.

4. Bedroom

Installation in the bedroom may not seem the ideal solution but it can be an option. Noise may be an issue and some people could be uncomfortable with boiler maintenance workers in the intimate space of their bedroom (except Great British Heating staff, who are both friendly and professional!).

5. Garage

Garages, like attics, are out of the way and usually have the space to accommodate a boiler. But like attics, they can get cold so need effective lagging.

6. Bathroom

There are strict regulations governing the installation of boilers in bathrooms because of the dangers of electricity and water. A Gas Safe registered engineer will know these rules and can advise you on where your boiler can be moved to if you are unsure.

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