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Hot Technology: What Are Smart Thermostats And How Can They Benefit Your Home?

Hot Technology: What Are Smart Thermostats And How Can They Benefit Your Home?

Smart thermostats, or smart heating controls, are a state-of-the-art technology that allows
homeowners to connect their central heating system to the internet.

The advantage is it allows you to change the temperature or switch your heating off and on using
your smartphone or other device – no matter where you are in the world.

So, you could be in bed enjoying a weekend lie-in and there’s a bit of a chill in the air. Simply turn on the heating or set it to the desired temperature from your phone or voice recognition device.

It’s also handy if you come home at different times every day, for example if you work shifts and
don’t have set working hours.

And if you’re late you can delay the heating coming on.

These new systems will help you manage your energy usage much better and save cash on your
energy bill.

There are numerous different manufacturers and models with varying features, such as multi-room control, hot water control, the ability to track when you leave and enter your home and adjust the heating accordingly, draught detection, safety and holiday modes to protect your pipes from freezing when you’re not there, and advice on your heating use.

Most models work with voice recognition technology such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and

This means you can ask Alexa, Cortana or Google to increase or decrease the temperature, or
enquire about the temperature of your home, once you’ve connected your thermostat to your smart home device.

Great British Heating installers all know how to fit and explain the latest SMART Home heating
controls including NEST and the market-leading product, HIVE. If you want a different solution for your boiler or radiators we can fit them too.

Just book one of our engineers to come to you at your convenience and we will quote for your
different options.

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