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Need a central heating radiator repaired, replaced or a new radiator installed in Chippenham?

Whenever you’ve got a problem with your central heating radiators or you need a new radiator installed, Great British Heating are here to help you.

Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can respond quickly and can get your radiator repaired or a new one installed. We don’t charge a call out fee in Chippenham, just our time and the parts needed to repair or install your new radiator. All our heating engineers in Chippenham are Gas Safe approved – it’s just one less thing to worry about when using Great British Heating in Chippenham.

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Meet Alex, manager at Great British Heating

Alex is the manager responsible for our heating engineers:

“At Great British Heating, we provide an efficient, clean, reliable and competitively priced service whilst never compromising on quality and safety. The safety of our customers and the public is of utmost priority to us. For peace of mind, our engineers are fully qualified, trained and insured, with over 16 years of experience working for leaders within the industry including British Gas, Vaillant and Glowworm.

We install the latest, most energy-efficient gas boilers on the market at very competitive rates. We also offer a number of payment options, with finance packages available (credit is subject to application and status).

As we are approved installers of Worcester and Vaillant boilers we are able to offer warranties of up to 10 years on these brands.

At Great British Heating we are leaders in smart technology – we are amazed with the developments that have been made, and we know that this next generation of technology will change how we live. Ask our expert engineers about smart home devices not only for heating but full automaton of lights securities and plugs.”

What Great British Heating in Chippenham can offer when you are looking for a a central heating radiator repair or replacement in Chippenham

YOU are our Number One Priority at Great British Heating in Chippenham.

There is always a real caring person at Great British Heating waiting to help you, with expert knowledge, 24 hours a day.

YOU don’t pay a call out charge in Chippenham

To repair or install a new radiator in Chippenham, we don’t charge a call out fee. We just charge you the time and parts required to fix your old radiator or install your new radiator.

YOU get a qualified and experienced boiler engineer that’s Gas Safe approved

All our heating engineers are Gas Safe approved for your peace of mind.

We’ll work to your timescales

If you need us out straight away because your radiator isn’t working, we send an engineer out. If you want to book in for two weeks time, no problem. We’ll always work around your timescales.

All Radiator Repairs and Installations Guaranteed

Whenever we carry out a radiator repair or installation, we guarantee the work we complete. That’s why you’ll get a 12 month guarantee on any work we do. Simply put, if there’s a problem we’ll be back out to fix it.

Manufacturer Approved Repairs and Installation

We are approved by most of the major radiator brands in the Uk to fit and install their radiators. We’ll also make sure anything we suggest is compatible with your existing boiler.

Things to consider if you need a central heating radiator repair or installation

We get asked a lot of questions about radiators – when to change them, when to flush them, how to bleed them…the list is endless. We’ve put this simple guide together to help you.

I’ve got a radiator that’s not working, should I bleed it?

Sometimes air builds up in a central heating system, blocking hot water into the radiator so it doesn’t heat up. You should bleed your radiators on a regular basis, as releasing this trapped air can dramatically improve the heat from your radiators. However, not everybody wants to, so we’ll be happy to help sort your radiators for you if you need us to.

I’ve heard that flushing a radiator can help improve the heat it gives out. Should I do this?

Flushing a radiator usually involves cleaning out the radiator completely, but this should only be carried out by a professional. Not only could you damage the radiator, but you could also damage your property with water spills. Its best to leave radiator flushing to the experts.

What types of radiator can I choose from?

There are three basic types of radiator to choose from; single panel radiators, double panel radiators or convector radiators which come in single, double or double panel double convector radiators. Essentally the bigger the radiator, the more it will heat a room. Too bit a radiator and you’ll find it too hot. Too small a radiator and it won’t have a chance to heat the room properly. The other thing to choose is the top finish of the radiator. Round top radiators allow you to see the convector fins, while compact radiators have a grill across the top of the panels that obscures the view of the convector panels. Both perfomr in pretty much the same way, its just aesthetically what you prefer.

If I’m having a new boiler fitted, do I need new radiators?

You may not need new radiators for your new boiler, but sometimes the pressure a new boiler emits through the heating system will require you to upgrade your radiators as old ones won’t be able to cope with the increased pressure. We always suggest its worth flushing your radiators through to see if there are any leaks – if there are, you’ll need to replace the radiators anyway. If you old radiators are small, they will probably need replacing as larger radiators tend to be more energy efficient. We are more than happy to offer advice and give you all the options, so you can choose whats best for you.

Your questions answered

There will be many questions you’ve got and most can be answered once we see the radiators and understand what the issue is, but here are some of the questions we get regularly asked.

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