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Whenever your boiler control or thermostat needs repairing or your want to upgrade and have a NEST or Hive smart thermostat installed in Lancaster, Great British Heating are here to help you. We are manufacturer approved installers for a range of brands, so can repair, replace or upgrade your boiler thermostat.

Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can respond quickly and can get your central heating thermostat replaced quickly. We don’t charge a call out fee in Lancaster, just our time and the parts needed to repair or install your thermostat. All our heating engineers in Lancaster are Gas Safe approved – it’s just one less thing to worry about when using Great British Heating in Lancaster.

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Meet Andy, manager at Great British Heating

Andy is the manager responsible for our heating engineers:

“We have been involved in heating for many years in Lancaster and the surrounding areas where we have fixed and replaced an awful lot of boilers and repaired a lot of heating systems. I am very proud of our teams, the quality of their work and their attention to customer service. We are a great company that prides itself in putting our customers first and making sure we solve their problems no matter how complex they might be. We will always find a solution and charge fair prices for the work we do, most important we always include our customers in the decisions that need to be made.

One of the worst feelings is when you wake up or get home at night and find the heating or hot water not working – or sometimes even both. That dreaded fear of being without heat or hot water, which we almost take for granted, isn’t nice. Then there’s the thought of ‘how much is it going to cost’, with most heating repair bills not being expected, it’s just not a nice thing to happen.

As a team we have over 50 years of industry experience, I like to think we know what customers want; a local speedy boiler repair service in Lancaster that doesn’t cost the earth and a company customers can trust.

It sounds corny, but we are big enough to cope and small enough to care as we are a local heating repair and service company in Lancaster.

Call us today and we’ll be out to fix your boiler quickly – we have over 20 engineers locally and we operate a 24 hour boiler repair service. If you need a boiler service in Lancaster, simply call the office and we can arrange a time to come out to you and service your boiler at a convenient time.”

What Great British Heating in Lancaster can offer when you are looking for to have a boiler thermostat installed in Lancaster

YOU are our Number One Priority at Great British Heating in Lancaster.

There is always a real caring person at Great British Heating waiting to help you, with expert knowledge, 24 hours a day.

YOU don’t pay a call out charge in Lancaster

To repair or install a thermostat in Lancaster, we don’t charge a call out fee. We just charge you the time and parts required to fix or install your new thermostat.

YOU get a qualified and experienced boiler engineer that’s Gas Safe approved

All our heating engineers are Gas Safe approved for your peace of mind.

We’ll work to your timescales

If you need us out straight away because your boiler isn’t working as your thermostat is on the fritz, we can send an engineer out straight away. If you want to book the installation in two weeks time, no problem. We’ll always work around your timescales.

All Our Work Is Guaranteed

Whenever we carry out any installation or repair, we guarantee the work we complete. That’s why you’ll get a 12 month guarantee on any work we do. Simply put, if there’s a problem we’ll be back out to fix it.

Manufacturer Approved Installations

If you’ve got a manufacturer warranty on your boiler you’ll want to make sure any thermostat fitted maintains that warranty. All our repairs and installations are to manufacturer standards.

Types of boiler control and thermostat

There are several different types of boiler control or thermostats you may have. Its always goo to know what you’ve currently got, even if you are looking to upgrade to a smart home thermostat like Hive or NEST.


Your timer switch, which you’ll recognise if it has a built-in clock and electronic display, allows you to set your heating and hot water separately, so you can programme it to come on at certain times of the day. These often have a shelf life of 5-10 years, and when they fail, will often mean you won’t get any heating or hot water as it control the functions of the boiler. But to replace it can usually be a simple task, particularly if its a straight swap.

Boiler Thermostat

You’ll usually find your boiler thermostat control on the front of your boiler. This controls the temperature of the water that flows through your system and feeds your radiators, and the temperature of your hot water tap.
You can adjust this temperature according to your needs, often with a manual timing that allows you to select the hours that you want your heating and hot water.

Room Thermostat

This usually looks like a round disk on a plastic case that sometimes found in the hallway or landing.
A room thermostat allow you to set the temperature you want in a specific room or area of your property. Within the housing is a temperature sensor, so as soon as it detects its reached the desired heat, it will stop or slow down the boiler to maintain that heat. If this goes, you’ll find that you heating won’t work where it is located as its usually the tempertaurre sensor that goes.

Cylinder thermostat

If you’ve got a separate hot water cylinder, maybe in your loft or in your airing cupboard, it’s likely you’ll have a Cylinder thermostat that control how hot the water gets for the water that comes out of your tap. If thjis goes, you won’t get any hot water as the thermostat wont regulate the heating of the water. But its quite a simpel fix if this goes wrong.

NEST Smart Thermostat

The NEST smart thermostat is a great piece of kit. You can control your heating from your smart phone, so if you are out, you can set the heating to warm up so you come back to a nice cosy home. Like wise you can turn the hating down if you forgot to. It also learn your habits, so over time, will amend the heating of your property so you spend less on your heating bills. And its looks cool on the wall! We’ve installed quite a few over the years, so know how important it is to get paired up to your WIFI for it to work.

Hive smart boiler control.

Similar to NEST, Hive actively looks to save you money on your heating bill by tracking your usage and suggesting intelligent ways to save money. It’s a brilliant piece of kit that’s very flexible. You can programme your heating schedule at the touch of a button on your smart phone. We installed quite a few of these and can highly recommend them

Your questions answered

There will be many questions you’ve got and most can be answered once we see the boiler and understand what the issue is, but here are some of the questions we get regularly asked.

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