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Need a new gas boiler or replacement gas boiler installed in Louth?

When you need a new boiler or replacement boiler fast in Louth, at Great British Heating Louth our engineers work 24/7, so we can respond fast when you need a new boiler. After all, no one likes to go without heating and hot water.

We’ll come out to your property for free and quote you for a new replacement boiler. Our prices are fixed for your peace of mind – no nasty hidden extras. All our Great British Heating engineers are Gas Safe approved, ensuring any new boiler is installed professionally and to comply with all gas and building regulations.

We offer 0% finance if you want to spread the payments and you also get a nice long 10 year manufacturers warranty on all boiler we install.

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Meet Ryan, manager at Great British Heating

Ryan is the manager responsible for our heating engineers:

“We have been involved in heating for many years in Louth and the surrounding areas where we have fixed and replaced an awful lot of boilers and repaired a lot of heating systems. I am very proud of our teams, the quality of their work and their attention to customer service. We are a great company that prides itself in putting our customers first and making sure we solve their problems no matter how complex they might be. We will always find a solution and charge fair prices for the work we do, most important we always include our customers in the decisions that need to be made.

One of the worst feelings is when you wake up or get home at night and find the heating or hot water not working – or sometimes even both. That dreaded fear of being without heat or hot water, which we almost take for granted, isn’t nice. Then there’s the thought of ‘how much is it going to cost’, with most heating repair bills not being expected, it’s just not a nice thing to happen.

As a team we have over 50 years of industry experience, I like to think we know what customers want; a local speedy boiler repair service in Louth that doesn’t cost the earth and a company customers can trust.

It sounds corny, but we are big enough to cope and small enough to care as we are a local heating repair and service company in Louth.

Call us today and we’ll be out to fix your boiler quickly – we have over 20 engineers locally and we operate a 24 hour boiler repair service. If you need a boiler service in Louth, simply call the office and we can arrange a time to come out to you and service your boiler at a convenient time.”

Choose the new boiler that’s right for you in Louth

There’s are a choice of four main boiler types that are fitted, dependent on your property:

Combination Boiler or ‘Combi’ Boiler

As you can probably guess, a combination boiler provides both heating and hot water on demand, making it a very energy efficient boiler as it’s a single unit (hence the name combination). As a new combi boiler will heat the hot water instantly when you turn the hot water tap on, you won’t need a hot-water or cold-water storage tank, which can be a real space saver as well as a more efficient way of heating your home. It also means there’s less chance of any pipes freezing in the loft if you’ve got a cold water storage tank.

The added benefit of a new combination boiler is that the hot water is delivered at mains pressure, so you should get a nice powerful shower without the need for a separate pump/pressure shower if you have god mains water pressure.

The downside of a new combination boiler is they are really only suitable for smaller properties. Larger houses and properties with more than one bathroom, a system boiler will be required.

System Boiler

Whilst a System Boiler requires a hot water storage cylinder, all the major heating and hot water components are situated within the boiler itself, meaning they are quicker and easier to install.

A system boiler will provide a constant supply of hot water, meaning you don’t have a slight delay in hot water coming through like you do with a Combination boiler as the System boiler has already heated the water. Although a system boiler does need a hot water storage cylinder, it doesn’t have to be positioned in the loft and can be easily installed in an airing cupboard, making it an ideal cupboard to dry clothes.

These boilers are also compatible with solar water heating systems, which can save you money on your heating bills by heating your water with the power of the sun.

Heat Only Boilers – also known as Regular, Conventional or Open Vent Boilers

Heat only boilers do exactly what they say; They heat your central heating and hot water when installed as part of a heating system together with a hot water storage cylinder, cold water storage tank, plus a feed and expansion tank (which is usually stored in the loft above the boiler to provide a good head of water).

If your boiler is very old, the existing radiators and pipework might not cope with the pressure a new combination or system boiler would generate. Therefore, you are much better off replacing the boiler like for like with a Heat Only Boiler, unless you are having the whole system replaced, including pipework and radiators.

Back Boiler

A Back Boiler is a boiler supplying hot water or heating that is built-in behind a fireplace or is an integral part of a gas fire. They are often fitted to a property when space is at a premium as the boiler is fitted into the existing fireplace, rather than taking valuable floor or wall space elsewhere in the home.

Since the Building Regulations change in 2005 came into effect for energy efficient condensing boilers, your choice of replacement Back Boiler is limited by what’s on offer from the manufacturers. At Great British Heating, we usually recommend that you replace a Back boiler with a modern, energy efficient combi boiler.

This is How it Works…


Contact Great British Heating – By phone or by completing our enquiry form, our Boiler Install Advisors will walk you through your options.


FREE Survey – It’s 100% FREE and there’s no obligation to buy, we’ll come out to your property and provide you with a free quote you that’s a fixed price.


What’s Best for You. Any quote we give is without obligation. You only need to proceed if you choose to, there’s no hard selling tactics from us.


Arrange your installation date by selecting a date that’s suitable for you. We can even install boilers with 48hrs notice.


Once your boiler has been installed, we’ll register it with the manufacturer so you get your manufacturers guarantee.


Sit back and relax – Not only have you got a great deal on a new boiler in Doncaster, but if you need it you’ve got a nice long boiler manufacturers guarantee for peace of mind.

Your questions answered

Choosing a new boiler in Louth isn’t something you do that often. So we get asked all types of questions. Here’s some of the popular ones we get asked: